How to Start a Business with an Infrared Thermal Camera

To kick off with the basics, what is an infrared thermal camera? It is a device that forms an image by the use of infrared radiation. It has similar features to a common camera, but it uses visible light. It has many areas of application, such as firefighting.

An infrared thermal camera will allow a firefighter to see areas burning through the infrared radiation. The infrared will cut through the smoke and thus give the firefighter a clearer vision.

Starting a business that involves the sale or lease of these cameras can be profitable and provide great fulfillment. Here, in this post, you will learn more about infrared thermal cameras.

Let us begin…

Application for infrared thermal cameras

  • Surveillance- police often use these thermal cameras to detect hiding thieves in a crime scene or even follow someone escaping a scene. They detect heat signatures, and anyone who is hiding can be seen.
  • Maritime- during the night, most water vessels are blind and cannot sail properly compared to daytime. Infrared cameras allow sailors to see through the darkness. They can easily spot nearing vessels or persons in the water and alert all crew on board.
  • Detection of gas leakages- thermal cameras are often used to detect certain harmful gases in the atmosphere. However, not all of them can perform this function. Specially calibrated ones do this. They are mostly found around industrial plants.
  • Road safety- thermal infrared cameras can detect the presence of a person or an animal better than headlights. Even night vision is not this good. It is because it does not need any light whatsoever to function.
  • Disease containment- almost all airports worldwide use infrared thermal cameras to detect travelers with high temperature and other symptoms of various diseases. The travelers are restricted from entering into a country and put on observation.

The range of a good thermal camera

A good camera will have process parameters of about 1000 nm to 14000 nm. However, different types of cameras have diverse ranges. There are three common categories of thermal cameras. They are:

  • Short wavelength cameras- they mostly operate in the range of 0.9-1.7 microns. The short wavelength infrared gives a pretty clear resolution and is mostly used for domestic purposes.
  • Mid wavelength-, they operate in the 2.5-micron range. The mid wavelength camera is mainly used in reading high temperatures. However, they are not as efficient as the long-wavelength ones.
  • Long-wavelength- they operate in the 7-12 micron range, and they are far superior to the mid-wavelength. They produce on point temperature readings and deliver high-quality resolutions.

A long-wavelength camera can detect a person or animal from 40 meters away under favorable conditions. The infrared thermal cameras are thus used across multiple fields, and the results are impressive.

How a thermal camera works

Thermal cameras can detect the temperature by spotting various aspects of infrared light. The light is mainly not visible to the human eye, but the body can sense the heat if the temperature is high.

That is not all; thermal cameras are built with small measuring gadgets that identify infrared radiation. The gadgets are referred to as microbolometers.
The microbolometers are further embedded into a pixel and given a color.

That is how one is able to see through a thermal camera.

Lastly, heat is detectable by thermal cameras. Actually, the more heat an object emits, the easier it is to locate it using a thermal camera.

They thus locate this heat signature, convert it to an image, and tell you just how far the image is from you.

Pros and cons of using infrared thermal cameras

Using infrared thermal cameras comes with its own merits. Here are some benefits you could realize by using them:

  • Effective in low-light situations
    As compared to other forms of vision, infrared thermal cameras perform well. During the night, you can easily navigate your way through the darkness without breaking a bone.
  • Not susceptible to visual limitations
    Thermal cameras are far more effective than night vision cameras. They provide better resolution and faster results. They are also more efficient with regard to of the range they cover.
  • Less false alarms
    Suppose you are used to false alarms because the night vision CCTV cameras are not good enough. Well, infrared thermal cameras have come to save the day. You can kiss goodbye to those false alarms because infrared cameras provide accurate readings on images and other aspects.
  • Efficient security monitoring
    If you want to install an infrared thermal camera in your backyard to beef up the security, then you are at again. Upon installation, you can rest easy. You will be able to view your garden without any technical hitches comfortably.

Cons of infrared thermal cameras

  • One requires sufficient training on usage- professionals in various fields mainly use infrared thermal cameras. However, one requires multiple sessions of training to be able to handle a camera properly.
  • The weather influences them. When the weather is not favorable, the image quality could be very low.

Starting a business involving infrared thermal cameras

Starting a business involving infrared thermal cameras can be a great idea when executed properly. There are quite a several requirements needed to get it running. First, you require an engineering background or expertise in a related field.

You must then seek out an inspection service to get the green flag to finally start your business. Additionally, you will need a solid business plan and a considerable amount of capital. Lastly, you may want to consider the possibility of leasing out the cameras rather than selling them. You might realize a larger profit this way.


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