business people work office Parc Technologies delivers revolutionary decision support applications to Airlines, Internet Service Providers and Carriers. Our customers are among the largest and most successful companies in the world.

Our research arm, IC-Parc at Imperial College, London, is one of the foremost research centres in the field of large-scale optimisation for industrial strategic planning.

Parc Technologies’ excellence in research and engineering delivers solutions with business benefits previously impossible to achieve.

Opportunity from challenge

Parc Technologies develops and supplies software applications for decision support, strategic planning and resource optimisation. Its products solve problems of a scale and complexity beyond the reach of conventional approaches. They serve to manage change and to transform challenges into opportunities.
The company is organized around two focused business units that provide solutions for the Internet Service Provision and the Transportation industries.


Parc Technologies is a spin-off from IC-Parc at Imperial College, London – one of the world’s leading research centres for constraint programming technology and its application in solving large-scale industrial problems. Substantial funding from a consortium led by 3i, Europe’s leading venture capitalist, enabled the spin-off.


IC-Parc functions as Parc Technologies’ research and development arm. Its focus is on the medium term horizon, where basic research and application requirements are essential factors in the generation of new technology. Together, the Parc Technologies and IC-Parc teams have the expertise and experience necessary for delivering technology and engineering that:

  • Serves the complex requirements of large multinational corporations
  • Supports the timely and cost-effective delivery of innovative applications software
  • Adapts to support the rapid migration of systems to meet changing business needs
  • Parc Technologies’ applications are developed in ECLiPSe, a constraints programming environment that incorporates more than 100 man-years of development by post-doctorate scientists.


The business is currently based on two optimisation product suites.
RiskWise allows Internet Service Providers to guarantee customer-specific quality of service cost-effectively
AirPlanner enables airline companies to achieve a balance of revenue, resource and schedule feasibility objectives during the strategic schedule planning cycle.


Parc Technologies aims to be the world’s most successful supplier of software products for strategic planning and resource optimisation, through:

  • Delivering extraordinary business benefit to customers
  • Investing in its team
  • Investing in R&D; that focuses on critical problems other companies cannot address
  • Investing in strategic relationships