meeting solutions diary pen desktopParc Technologies has developed RiskWise, an automated decision support tool designed to enable providers of IP services to guarantee customer-specific Quality of Service. Designed for multi-technology, multi-service IP networks, RiskWise addresses the areas of network design, service management, costing, and business development.

Reactive network and service management

Profitable delivery of information services using IP is not easy. The service provider typically is burdened by:

  • The need for higher quality of service to provide business class services, backed by measurable Service Level Agreements (SLAs) but also
  • The need for more efficient bandwidth utilisation in order to control costs and achieve profitability.

Unfortunately, the ‘best effort’ nature of IP and a lack of knowledge about how services are realised make these requirements very difficult to balance. Lack of basic information about characteristics of IP services leads to poor network and service planning, and ultimately failure to achieve business goals.

A need for automated decision support

Parc Technologies recognises that more controlled growth of the network and its services will allow network managers to spend more time on proactive planning and less time fire-fighting unexpected problems. An effective decision support tool will address business problems in areas such as cost analysis, sales, network management, planning and design, and business development.


RiskWise delivers comprehensive network solutions, taking an approach that differs from conventional methods in three crucial respects:

  • It views the network in terms of services, not devices
  • It imposes negligible data collection costs on network resources
  • It employs state-of-the-art optimisation techniques that generate solutions automatically


For further information about RiskWise, please view our

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