Account Manager, Professional Services, Airlines Network Planning

We are seeking a highly skilled and experienced Manager for Professional Services to build and manage this critical capability. The Professional Services remit in Parc covers the following areas:

  • Complex AirPlanner deployments, both management and implementation
  • Pre-product AirPlanner deployments.
  • Product enhancement/development roadmap input
  • Provision of Sales and Marketing support resources
  • Non strategic Pre/Post Sales technical partner/vendor management, training and development

The position requires a deep knowledge of the global airlines market, and the person appointed will be able to develop new business, strategic alliances and partnerships. The position will be based in London; however, there will be extensive travel involved. The Professional Services Manger will report directly to the Business Development Director and will have significant opportunity for advancement.

The successful candidate

The successful candidate will have both relevant airlines industry experience, and will particularly be familiar with network planning and its role in business planning, fleet purchasing, IATA slot planning, and operations planning, both at the technical and commercial levels. The person will need to work well with the existing team and have a capacity to keep pace with the changes in the industrial sector such as airline alliances and competitor suppliers. At least 5 years’ experience either providing services to, or operating in, medium- to large-scale airlines is essential. Functional areas of particular interest include:

  • Commercial schedule planning, fleet planning, IATA scheduling,
  • An ability to communicate information about sophisticated software to a variety of markets in a persuasive and authoritative manner.
  • A sound knowledge of the interfaces between Network Planning and other key departments in the organisations.
  • An ability to develop alliances and new strategic commercial partnerships.
  • Knowledge of the evolving client needs and the ability to spot new opportunities, which will allow the overall business to develop quickly.
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