On an average, a full-time employee in the UK spends more than 37 hours a week at their office. And due to this tedious schedule alone, it is really important to keep their surroundings comfortable and conducive. An ideal workspace has a perfect balance of work and leisure spots. So if you’re really looking to retain top talents, this is one of the most important aspects that you’ll have to consider.

The media will give you hundreds of stories about top businesses that offer unique and out-of-the-box spaces for their employees. Some of the biggest examples here would be the nap pods of Google or the Treehouses of Microsoft. These quirky workspaces aren’t just aesthetically pleasing, but they also boost innovation and offer a rare opportunity to re-energize.

Since most companies wouldn’t really love the idea of transforming their entire office, relocation seems to be a viable option. So in case, you’re planning to make the big move, here are a couple of design ideas that’ll definitely work in your favour.

Striking The Right Balance

Gone are the days when employees would stick to a job, solely for money. The modern-day professional is looking for a perfect mix of value and satisfaction. And this is exactly why you need to invest in a design that has the perfect work-life balance. You can start out by providing leisure spots for employees where they get to unwind during their lunch. Keep this spot at a distance from their desks to emphasize that this indeed is a break.

You can also go a notch above by introducing healthy eating choices. For instance, try adding a small hub which is stocked with nutritious foods and drinks. This will keep your employees healthy, active and productive all way around.

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Add Life To Your Brand

Office design isn’t just a good way to provide unwavering support towards employees, but it is also an excellent way to establish brand values that’ll speak volumes about the identity of your company. When you invite a client for the first time, it is the waiting area and boardroom that gives them their initial impression of your company. Due to this reason, you should put special emphasis on improving the aesthetics of these areas. For instance, you can always add clear glass walls all along your office space. This will reflect transparency while also hinting at the fact that yours is a company that believes in keeping no secrets.

Alternatively, if you own a creative business, try adding a whiteboard and call it an inspiration board. You can also use cork boards for the job. But in either case, it’ll serve as a designated spot where your employees get a chance to collaborate with each other.

Choose The Right Size

One of the primary reasons why companies shift their offices is because they’re looking to upsize the space. But just like its benefits, upsizing also introduces the possibility of losing visibility among your staff.

However, this problem too can be easily dealt with if you manage to plan things carefully. For instance, you can always start out by swapping the age-old cubicles with an open-plan design. This design fosters communication between teams and fellow colleagues. Additionally, you can also keep your office well-lit to give it a quirky and sleek vibe. Remember, the right kind of design won’t just revamp your office, but it’ll also make your employees, that more productive.

Be Open To Changes

Practically every type of office-relocation should be conducted with proper future-proofing. In simpler terms, you should only adopt changes that are future-ready or will turn out to be useful in the long run. Some of the best ways to do this are by not fixing any conventional hours of business, letting your employees work from home and so on.

Since conventional offices aren’t always flexible, it is important to design your new office space in a way that’ll make it stand out from its competitors. Likewise, it’ll also bring you into a position to hold the top, existing talents.

While you can always tweak the office hours for more flexibility, there’s yet another great way to seal the deal. The idea is simple. All you need to do is invest in movable furniture that’ll give your teams a chance to work in different ways. Once you do this, you will notice greater productivity among employees and maximum talent retention rates. In case you’re still pretty baffled with your choice of design and relocation, choose a relocation company like Sunspeeds for maximum results.


Your office isn’t just building; it’s the soul of your business. So while choosing an office design; always make sure that it extends and reflects your company’s values.

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